cakap cakap, my wife, Sirul and other things.

My wife is not feeling to well this morning. She has a runny nose, fever and falling asleep even as I was trying to give her breakfast this morning...but she was awake the whole time [...]

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Quickies : Do We All Have Probllem’s with Our Wives?

Two million copies of the book titled " How to change your wife in thirty days " were sold in one week.  Then publisher realised of the spelling mistake.  It was corrected " How to [...]

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She is OK!

steadyaku47 comment : Let me share with you this exchange between me and Rafizi's wife this morning...she is OK!  For all of you who read what I not....even for a moment...take your eyes off [...]

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cakap cakap….DEMENTIA : If you do not take care of those that you love ….why should any one else?

It has been a while since I last wrote about dementia...what it does to people who have dementia and what it does to people who take it upon themselves to care for them.  It has [...]

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Wife's illness hardest for MM MRS Lee Kuan Yew, wife of Minister Mentor, died peacefully at home on Saturday at 5.40 pm at age 89, said the Prime Minister's Office on Saturday. Madam Kwa Geok [...]

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