cakap cakap : PKR. DIVIDE AND RULE. Anwar divide. Anwar rule.

Just past 8.05 AM on a cold Winter morning in Melbourne. Cross my heart and hope to die...but I am not felling you no fibs when I tell you that all I have on me [...]

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Crisis in PKR : PKR has a president in Wan Azizah who is dominant, uncompromising, selfish, vengeful, stubborn and ambitious. No one, in the history of Malaysian politics, have stayed as loyal as Azmin Ali have been to Anwar Ibrahim. None! Something has to give!

To quote my cousin, Mohammad Karim from Kuala Pilah......"Nothing will change if the opposition keep kicking themselves to death. There is no rallying messiah to garner a working coalition." Agreed on all counts!  We know [...]

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