Let the present Sultans now on their respective thrones, be the last to be succeeded by their eldest born.

    Let the present lot of Royals be the beginning of the end of these Sultans...all of them! We have to start somewhere! And we need to propose a reasonable time frame for this [...]

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Mariam Mokhtar : Malaysia’s Sultans Take on Religious Intolerance

Malaysia’s Sultans Take on Religious Intolerance Posted on October 19, 2017By Mariam Mokhtar Headline, Malaysia, Politics Johor Sultan Iskandar Putrajaya plunged into uncertainty by royal rebuke Malaysia has been thrown into a royal shambles by a growing rivalry [...]

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I will not forget what other Johor sultans and their kerabats have been up to in Johor, in other parts of Malaysia and in Singapore…..not until a few generations of Johor Sultans have proven themselves worthy of our respect.

steadyaku47 comment :  I have written my thoughts on Johor royalty many times  - most of them uncomplimentary - and here is a link to one I wrote in 2014 whose title is self-explanatory. The [...]

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Bismillahirahmanirrahim…..JOHOR : Ampun Tuanku Sultan. Rakyat Tuanku mohon bantuan.

Naaelah Farafishah 16 February at 12:15 ·    Didahulukan dengan Bismillahirahmanirrahim….. Mohon Bantuan dari semua warga yang prihatin Nama: Suraya Binti Tukimin Alamat: No.22 Jalan Gading 8 taman Sri Gading Batu pahat Johor Bantuan berupa: [...]

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Zarith Sofiah Idris : A Mother’s heartfelt Thanks.

Zarith Sofiah Idris Saya mengucapkan terima kasih kepada saudara saudari diatas ucapan takziah kepada saya dan keluarga saya.  Hari ini, walaupun sedikit lewat, saya ingin mengambil peluang untuk mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Amy dan Sabrina, [...]

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Methinks this Sultan of Selangor does too much AGAIN!

Delusion of Grandeur The fixed, false belief that one possesses superior qualities such as genius, fame, omnipotence, or wealth. Can be a symptom of paranoid or manic disorders (and sometimes dementia). People with this disorder [...]

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