When An ‘Election’ Becomes An Invasion – COMMENT

3 May 2016 For yet another week the unabashed leaders of BN plainly intend to sully Sarawak’s morals with disgusting displays of naked bribery,  threats and open election cheating. The lights will go out three [...]

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Lim Kit Siang has disappointed many!

Let me remind the opposition (whoever they may now be!) why they were able to get the popular mandate from the voters of Malaysia  and garner 51% of the votes in the last general election.  [...]

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Sarawak Report : Bags of Cash in the Dash to the Election Bash!

Najib's Gang And The Sarawak Plot - PBB Election Rivalries Open Up 20 Apr 2016 Adenan’s house – senior politicians from BN are arriving here to pick up sacks of cash Adenan’s house – senior [...]

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