Sirul Azhar Umar…wither he goes?

GE14 has flushed out of the woodwork a few of Malaysia's low life that we would rather forget.  Tony Fernades is the guy who started this "any one can be an Idiot" cavalcade that we [...]

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Najib, Rosmah and Rizal Mansor : Go Forth and Multiply!

Rafizi: Mengapa anak Najib ada dalam jet negara ke China? “Riza Aziz tidak boleh diberi layanan istimewa mengunakan harta rakyat. Beliau sepatutnya ditangkap dan disoal siasat.” steadyaku47 comment : I made myself NOT write [...]

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cakap cakap : Badak Terbang Lagi!

Badak Terbang rushing to meet a very tight schedule, explains aide. Aide to PM's wife, Rizal Mansor, explains private jet was necessary for Rosmah to keep up with her tight schedule and was a plane [...]

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