The Guardian : Xavier Justo – That June afternoon, he was expecting a visit from the tourism authorities to sign off on the paperwork. Instead, a squad of armed Thai police burst through the unlocked door, bundling Justo to the ground. The officers tied their plastic cuffs so tightly around Justo’s wrists that he bled on the dark tiled floor. The police quickly moved into his office, ripping out the computers and emptying the filing cabinets.

day, 29 July 2016 23:58 UMNO PRESIDENT NAJIB RAZAK 'STRIPPED' BUCK NAKED: INSIDE 1MDB - THE WORLD'S BIGGEST FINANCIAL SCANDAL LAID BARE Written by The Guardian   On 22 June 2015, Xavier Justo, a 48-year-old [...]

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jebatmustdie : The comedy of errors orchestrated by Najib Razak

jebatmustdie Posted on July 25, 2016 by jebatmustdie    According to the DOJ suit, these two fat thieves are a part of bigger group of super-fat thieves. Firstly, many Malaysians who read the DOJ’s suit [...]

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Red Granite in Cuckoo Land? “none of the funding it received four years ago was in any way illegitimate and there is nothing in today’s civil lawsuit claiming that Red Granite knew otherwise.”

Follow the Money: 'The Wolf of Wall Street' Corruption Timeline 1:10 AM PDT 7/22/2016 by Alex Ritman Riza Aziz, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jho Low Rob Kim/Taylor Hill/Getty Images/Jun Sato/WireImage How the meeting of two well [...]

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Azmin Ali : Press Release : Prime Minister can no longer hide behind a wall of silence and must instead address the nation on this matter.

PRESS RELEASE 21 JULY 2016 In view of the latest announcement by the United States Department of Justice concerning the 1MDB scandal, the Prime Minister must once and for all come clean on the matter [...]

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USA’s Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative and Red Granite/Riza Aziz : Questions and Answers.

The USA Govt's Department of Justice (DOJ) have filed civil cases to seize the assets they believe is linked to 1MDB, from three individuals under the USA's Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative. Q1. Who are the [...]

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Scorcese film on corruption swept up in financial scandal

  A small Hollywood studio behind Martin Scorcese's stinging movie about greed on Wall Street has been swept up in a multi-billion dollar financial scandal tied to the prime minister of Malaysia. Red Granite Pictures, [...]

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Feds File “Kleptocracy Enforcement Action” To Seize Assets Of ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Producer Red Granite

by Anita Busch and Erik Pedersen July 20, 2016 6:28am  Red Granite UPDATE, 6:28 AM: The Justice Department just filed a 136-page civil complaint (read it here) charging The Wolf Of Wall Street producer Red [...]

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Quickies : Is Rosmah’s skirt big enough to hide Najib AND Riza? MELAYU BOLEH!

1MDB: Red Granite :Total asset to be seized: RM3.4 billion. 1MDB Hilang RM42 billion - RM3.4 billion = RM38.6 billion disappeared into thin air.  Silap Mata extraordinary! In happier times with mother tersayang

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Red Granite : Riza Aziz : Largest asset seizure in USA History : MALAYSIA BOLEH

'Wolf of Wall Street' Producers At Center of Multi-Million Dollar Criminal Asset Seizure.   by Alex Ritman <img class="main-media__image" src="" height="225" width="400" /> <div class="main-media__caption"> 'The Wolf of Wall Street' <div class="main-media__credit"> Paramount <br /> [...]

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Riza Aziz : “But we do ask where the hell he got his money. No one really knows yet what happened, but the links appear to be there and there are questions marks all over the place. Directors and producers in Hollywood should be more concerned [about] whether this is blood money, or corruption money or drug money”

Malaysian Filmmakers Slam Red Granite as Embezzlement Scandal Grows 7:37 AM PDT 5/17/2016 by Patrick Brzeski and Alex Ritman "The Wolf of Wall Street" Paramount Pictures As mounting allegations of corruption continue to engulf The [...]

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