Rafizi on Streram Sinnasamy

Dari Rafizi Ramli : PENTING, SEBARKAN : 28 April 2018 PENGUNDI INDIA SELURUH NEGARA PERLU HUKUM PERMAINAN KOTOR BARISAN NASIONAL Negara dikejutkan dengan peristiwa Pegawai Pengurus Pilihanraya (“Returning Officer”) bagi kawasan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) [...]

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Never Again.

For my friends who, like me, blog and do work on FB...if you think our "work" ends when Pakatan Harapan is victorious after GE14...think again. I think that we...that is you and me....our work will [...]

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The judgment against Rafizi is the clearest evidence that the contaminated institutions of the country would struggle with the simple sewage maintenance  and waste disposal of this country.  Each person or individual involved is a [...]

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The man of the moment is Rafizi. Sentenced to 30 months jail for exposing NFC Banking details. Once we get beyond the personal issues...that of a husband and a father forcibly taken away from his [...]

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cakap cakap : Harris Ibrahim, Rafizi Ramli and INVOKE

There are not many people in Malaysian politics today that are known to me personally. I have been away from K Hell for almost a decade now and like many of you, what I know of them are the [...]

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Rafizi Ramli-Sumber Wang SRC(Dana Rakyat) Yg Dimasukkan Ke Akaun Najib Razak:Terbaru 2017. Wang Tabung Haji, Wang Pencen di Beri ka Jho Low.

steadyaku47 comment : najib bila engkau nak attack your enemies....you better make sure that you are out of the range of your enemies guns.....because if you don't...you yourself are going to get hit when your enemies fire [...]

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