Let me say what needs to be said…I believe that the money DID NOT GO TO A BODY IN THE PHILIPPINES WHICH ASSIST IN AN ISLAMIC STRUGGLE” as claimed by the DPM. Some went into the DPM’s pocket, some into PDRM’s pockets, some to “intermediateries” in Malaysia and in the Philippines and, in one way or another, some went to Abu Sayaff…and then, maybe, what was left over did finally go to that “Islamic body in the Philippines which assisted in the the Islamic Struggle”

Lias My Philippine is a sovereign country. Why do we need to give money to their religious organisation? We are not their religious saviour, we ourselves need money whether for religious purposes or for general [...]

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cakap cakap…aiyah there is no donation involved…so why bring Najib into the picture!

The original post by Chris Prasad on his personal Facebook profile steadyaku47 comment:  10.07 pm Saturday night. I have just put my wife to bed...she is not asleep yet. From time to time she looks [...]

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PDRM on the Ball. Syabas!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015 17:42 Woman BASHED UP in Kota Baru for 'having affair with husband of another KOTA BARU, Oct 21, 2015:Police have detained three women suspected of assaulting another after the video of [...]

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Wira, Waja, Watan. SURAT TERBUKA KEPADA KERAJAAN.Terlebih dahulu izinkan saya mengucapkan berbanyak terima kasih kepada semua ahli keluarga, saudara mara, sahabat, jiran, serta anak Malaysia yang bencikan kemungkaran, yang tidak berhenti-henti memberikan galakan serta mendoakan [...]

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  For the men in uniform who joined the police or the army for the true reason of serving the community and acting as protector and defender of the people. Remember you join the force [...]

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PDRM? Stupid Idiots!

Malaysia A: larger smaller reset Email Print UPSI demo: Cop says scuffles happened in heat of moment By Lisa J. Ariffin January 01, 2012 KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 1 — A Perak police officer defended today [...]

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