Noor Rashid nak tangkap Isa? Isa already got Najib by his balls….dont play play with him!

Isa to be called up over 'dubious' Felda land deal, say cops Deputy IGP Noor Rashid Ibrahim says ex-Felda chairman Isa Samad will be questioned on RM200m land transferred without any benefit to Felda. FREEMALAYSIATODAY.COM [...]

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Judi and Prostitution are sources of income for PDRM….How to dedah?

PDRM buru Datuk Datuk Seri Tan Sri dalangi sindiket perjudian negara PDRM mendedahkan terdapat dalang dan ketua sindiket perjudian di negara ini… ASTROAWANI.COM I wrote this on 24 September 2014...and it still applies today!  Prostitution is a [...]

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So much corruption. So much abuse of power. So much complicity in crimes with the criminal elements of Kuala Lumpur. And so many of your officers involved. …and you wonder why we look upon PDRM with contempt and disgust?

Gambling den’ just 1km from police HQ The shop in Jalan BK 5A/2D, Kinrara Niaga, was shuttered when Malay Mail visited the area yesterday. The outlet in Sepang has been closed since the rape incident. [...]

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A few minutes ago, a classmate of mine, sent me this. All I know is that it happens somewhere in Malaysia....and after some work, I dug up this police report made of the incident. Salam [...]

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Rogue Elements within PDRM.

PDRM is tasked with keeping us safe and protecting us from harm. Those of you who read what I write knows that my late Father served under Tun Haniff as Director CID. I have written [...]

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Reprise : Penyamaran Polis dalam BERSIH 3.0, bukti Polis provokasi rusuhan

steadyaku47 comment : I just came across these images and article today. Interesting reading and something we should all know about how PDRM conduct themselves...not against terrorists but against our own brothers and sisters in [...]

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