cakap cakap : steady as she goes, Pakatan Harapan, Anwar Ibrahim and Selangor !!!

  I want to make one thing very clear to those who read what I write. I have no vested interest in any political entity. No one pays me to do what I do here [...]

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Dato Razak Idris : mantan Pengarah SPRM

Kawan-kawan, jika PH memerintah Malaysia nanti kita akan desak selain dari adakan RCI atau siasatan semula keatas skandal/kes 1MDB, FELDA, MARA, TABUNG HAJI, NFC, kapal selam Scorpene, diadakan undang-undang supaya semasa Parlimen/DUN dibubarkan: 1. Adalah [...]

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Not China, not PAS, not Umno not BN…..always Pakatan Harapan!

Today, what the Communist could not then achieve by the armed struggle of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP), they have begun to do again by tact, diplomacy and economic infiltration into Malaysia.  They are building a US$100 [...]

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Syed Akhbar Ali : It’s Game Over for the BN.

The Strength Of The Pakatan Harapan Last nite I was hosted for dinner and an interesting discussion by 11 of my seniors from the Anglo Chinese School in Ipoh. These were folks who had completed [...]

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