Program BN – Pakat Mai Langkawi Nazri Aziz malam tadi di Tanjung Rhu. This Samseng has bullied everyone, no one wants to attend his rally.

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Bapa borek anak rintek..anak rintek bapak borek..bapa borek anak rinterk…..all with their penis stuck in their zipper!

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PONDAN PADANG RENGAS UNDUR (with some help from PDRM!)

Pihak polis telah menolak notis bagi mengadakan debat antara bekas Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan Menteri Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, yang dirancang pada 25 Mac di Kuala Kangsar. "Setelah dikaji [...]

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stupid, idiots, unintelligent dull brainless obtuse witless dumb foolish futile ill-advised irrelevant laughable ludicrous naive senseless shortsighted simple trivial dummy loser rash thick dazed deficient dense dim doltish dopey gullible half-baked half-witted idiotic imbecilic inane indiscreet insensate meaningless mindless moronic nonsensical out to lunch pointless puerile simpleminded slow sluggish stolid stupefied thick-headed unthinking : here are two of Malaysia’s finest examples of all of the above!

Yes....both of them failed the above Idiot test! Yes, I did wonder how both of them got through toilet training..... Without a doubt they both speaks through their a#@e..... And no doubt,  John Cleese must [...]

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Nazri Aziz, RM500,000.00 Hummer H2 WXN9776 owned by Michael Chia but in full time possesion of Nazri’s son. WTF!

Reprise : Sarawak Report First posted on 1 Nov 2012 Monster Gift! - Michael Chia Handed Huge Hummer To Son Of 'Friend' Nazri Abdul Aziz EXCLUSIVE EXPOSE! 1 Nov 2012   Member of Mohammed Nedim’s [...]

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Nazri lagi….

It Is You Who Will Be 'Dead', Mr Nazri “He (Mahathir) is a ‘kaki gaduh’ (serial troublemaker). If we follow him, we’re dead,” he stressed. Nazri said those in Umno have become used to this [...]

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From 2010 Nazri Aziz was already a Wanker : That’s Aussie for a Conman and a Compulsive Liar.

steadyaku47 comment : This article is written by Martin Jalleh and posted in Kit Siang's blog - a good read. Nazri Aziz – the Minister of Lies By Martin Jalleh Minister in the Prime Minister’s [...]

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