najib and rosmah : Respect or Reviled? Revered or have their Heads Severed?

najib has no other belief, no other outlook, no other view or even articles of faith, other than taking care of himself!  Ditto for rosmah.  And all these two are doing is energising and embolding people [...]

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Najib and Rosmah : That end nears with each passing day…with each passing hour….and soon their end will be measured in minutes.

Happy bornday Empress...a feast fit for an Empress... As always for the Flying of anything is never enough...even cakes for birthdays! Take away all the trappings of ostentatious greed, avarice and pretentious sense of [...]

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Lives wrecked, a nation wasted and Umno corrupt to the hilt : Najib and Rosmah….your work is done!

Before 1MDB, before that RM2.6 billion donation, before the murder of Hussain Najadi, before Kevin Morais, before the dismissal of Gani Patail, Muhyiddin and anyone else that could finger Najib Razak for pillaging and plundering [...]

Quickies : Intercourse : to Check or not to Check?

The Malay Mail Online The Johor state government said it will investigate the possibility that a kid, which had human-like features, was produced from intercourse between a person and a goat. steadyaku47 comment : Should [...]

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Corruption : You can’t be a little pregnant! You are either pregnant or not!

Sometime in the early hours of this Wednesday morning - possibly at around 4.45AM  - the answers to the question that I have been asking myself for so long finally hit me. But I am [...]

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