Mariam Mokhtar : Janji kosong dan katak-katak ternakan Najib

By Mariam Mokhtar April 14, 2018 No Comments Jangan lupa katak katak ternakan Najib pada tahun 2009. Krisis kerajaan buatan katak katak Najib. Nombor kegemaran Najib Abdul Razak adalah sebelas. Itu tidak betul. Nombor kegemarannya ialah [...]

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Mariam Mokhtar : Keluar undi dalam PRU-14, dan Selamatkan Malaysia.

KJ! Belia perlu pendidikan tinggi, pekerjaan dan perumahan. Mereka tak mahu jadi peminta sedekah. By Mariam Mokhtar April 13, 2018 No Comments YB. Kita tak mahu jadi macam peminta sedekah. Kita tak mahu ramai anak semata [...]

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Mariam Mokhtar : One man’s news, is another man’s lie.

Fake boobs, fake datuks, fake degrees, fake dentists, fake marriages, fake news, fake orgasms, fake titles and now anti-fake-news laws… oh for heavens sake, fake off! By Mariam Mokhtar 28 March, 2018 No Comments You will [...]

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Mariam Mokhtar : You do NOT want 93-year-old Mahathir, so name us your alternative candidate. Reminder: We may have only eight weeks before GE-14…

steadyaku47 comment : Some of you may have already read Mariam's it again..and for those who have it now.  By Mariam Mokhtar13 March, 2018 GE-14 is NOT about you, or me, or Mahathir. [...]

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Mariam Mokhtar : Fundamentalist Leader’s Political Kiss-of-Life for Malaysian PM

 February 9, 2018  117 By: Mariam Mokhtar Despite credible allegations of deep corruption and of being the architect of “kleptocracy at its worst” by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions over the US$3.5 billion Malaysia Development [...]

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Mariam Mokhtar : Malaysia’s Sultans Take on Religious Intolerance

Malaysia’s Sultans Take on Religious Intolerance Posted on October 19, 2017By Mariam Mokhtar Headline, Malaysia, Politics Johor Sultan Iskandar Putrajaya plunged into uncertainty by royal rebuke Malaysia has been thrown into a royal shambles by a growing rivalry [...]

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Mariam Mokhtar : The many Malays we read about in the papers are the ones who lie, steal, cheat, are sexually depraved or are con-artists.

By Mariam Mokhtar 16 October, 2017 Last week a cybertrooper, reported that I had insulted the Malays, with my posting about the fake dentist, and I was told to remove the post, from Facebook. This week, I [...]

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Mariam Mokhtar : The real enemy of the Malays

By Mariam Mokhtar 13 October, 2017 Few people learn from their mistakes. Looking at the past, to understand the present and more importantly, to prepare ourselves for the future, is difficult for  many. Mao’s Cultural revolution [...]

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Mariam Mokhtar : They must be very afraid…..

Mariam Mokhtar Admrl-Gen  When a 92-year-old man is attacked, there is only one conclusion: Najib is very afraid. The modus operandi of Umno-Baru. Send thugs to a peaceful event to create… Share MARIAMMOKHTAR.COM Mariam Mokhtar [...]

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