Lest You Forget : Some have greatness thrust upon them, some seek greatness and some earned greatness. Shafee had to go looking in Saiful’s anus in the hope that he will find greatness there. Brother you will find a number of unsavory things there but greatness will not be one of them! Ptui!

Lest we forget...these are but just two of the many many despicable human beings who have profited from the rise and rise of Umno to the realms of "dedaksphere"....at the expense of our nation, our [...]

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GREED : 12,000 items valued at RM900 million to RM1.1 billion !!!

    Cash: RM116.7 million (26 currencies, 3 days to count, 22 BN officers, 6 machines Jewelries ( only cost, excluding labour, workmanship etc) 12,000 items 16 days to count Cost: RM440 million Actual value [...]

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steadyaku47 comment : I am posting the following announcement to add my support and solidarity with a group of friends who are advocating the disbanding of Jakim for reasons as stated. Please fill in the [...]

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Smoke and Mirrors….Fake News

Smoke and mirrors.... "the obscuring or embellishing of the truth of a situation with misleading or irrelevant information". Post GE14 we have become a nation of smoke and mirrors....impossible to separate facts from fictions, truth [...]

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Idris of Selangor : I do not hate you.I am disgusted with you !!!

        This Idris guy from Selangor has got it wrong. Nobody is inciting hatred against Malay Rulers. Idris said “What is more upsetting is that the incitement to hate the Malay rulers is [...]

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cakap cakap : Islam

CnP from my friend's status, very well and clearly said: Islam is well guarded by Allah. Islam flourishes in most unlikely places, like Europe, Australia and USA where Heads of States and members of cabinets [...]

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