MCA…the Chinese are done with you! Yes we know all these deals with China are making your leaders a lot of money…but without the votes from your people you are dead meat! Ptui!

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Worry not about the Malays going “AMOK”…good will prevail over evil. not concern yourself too much with what this Idiot may or may not do before, during and after PRU 14. For sure we must be apprehensive as to his intent  and on guard as [...]

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I have nothing to say, no comments and nothing to add to this video...just watch. listen and you will know in your heart what direction UMNO is heading has already reached ground level and [...]

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Jamal Jamban di humban!

Mohd Arshad Raji Raji ·  KEPADA SEMUA PENGIKUT FB SAYA Saya telah dimaklumkan bahawa Kelab Veteran Komando Malaysia, Cawangan Wilayah Persekutuan telah menarik balik anugerah Ahli Komando Kehormat dari Jamal Yunos disatu majlis yang dihadiri [...]

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How does an idiot like Jamal even think that he can be a President of anything? Who put the idea into his head? The same people who put him at the head of the Red Shirt Brigade?

steadyaky47 comment : Well hush my mouth! I have not had such a good laugh for a long long time!  For a long long time! The last time I can remember having such a laugh [...]

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