Noor Rashid nak tangkap Isa? Isa already got Najib by his balls….dont play play with him!

Isa to be called up over 'dubious' Felda land deal, say cops Deputy IGP Noor Rashid Ibrahim says ex-Felda chairman Isa Samad will be questioned on RM200m land transferred without any benefit to Felda. FREEMALAYSIATODAY.COM [...]

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FELDA : You do not put monkeys in charge of banana plantations.

He thinks he has got away with the lie about that Rm 2.6 billion donation a Saudi Prince put into his bank account. He thinks we believe his story that the money were legal political [...]

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Again we are taken for fools! What distinguishes FELDA is that this is stealing, on a mega scale, of money meant to help the Rakyats in the rural areas…who happens to be mostly Malays…the very poor of the poor. This stealing of money which can directly impact upon the Malays – the very people Umno has pledged to be champion of. This is Najib Razak stealing from his own Father’s attempt to get the rural Malays out of poverty.

Tanah tapak ibupejabat pun boleh hilang? steaadyaku47 comment :  1MDB, corrupt AG's, corrupt IGP's, complicit KSU's, CJ's who soil themselves and the Judiciary with their decision making, Ministers who not only forget their oath of [...]

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Why was a Monkey put in Charge of the FGV Banana Plantation?

Who puts a monkey in charge of a banana plantation? This is the monkey : This is the plantation: This could have been a funny story about a monkey who had the time of his life managing [...]

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This is what you get when a corrupt prime minister installed a convicted corrupt politician as head of a multi billion entity and they both went on to pillage, plunder and rob that multi billion [...]

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All the usual suspects….

What Najib did yesterday triggered a stampede of sycophants trying to out do each other in their praise for his so called abolishment of the ISA. Does it mean that the ISA that was here [...]

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The Smell of Defeats hangs in the Air….Najib blinks!

The Face of a Man in Fear See what people power can do! After over two years in power it would seems that common sense and the real possibility of losing a general election has [...]

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