Mohd Nazari Ismail : Adakah Benar 1MDB Mangsa Drama Politik?

Beberapa hari lepas beberapa orang ahli politik telah membuat kunjungan dan berjumpa dengan En Arul Kanda, pengurus 1MDB. Rombongan tersebut termasuk mantan Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. Komen-komen berkenaan isu 1MDB oleh Tan [...]

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Arul brief PAS. OK. Arul brief Khalid. OK…Arul why not brief Pua and Rafizi? Can get OK too!

steadyaku47 comment : The ulat cacing are crawling out of their holes.... Ex-MB Khalid gives 1MDB thumbs up after Arul's briefing Former Selangor menteri besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim believed that 1MDB's "rationalisation" exercise is making [...]

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1 MDB/IPIC….let me story you….From “Yakin 1MDB akan menangangi kes” to “1MDB misses $603 million payment”.…/kementerian-kewangan-yakin-1mdb-… Kementerian Kewangan yakin 1MDB menang kes timbang tara PUTRAJAYA 2 Ogos - Kementerian Kewangan amat yakin 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) akan memenangi kes timbang tara yang difailkan oleh International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) dan [...]

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On Thursday, 2 February 2017 I posted this article on my blog:  JET GLOBAL 5000 N689WM HAS BEEN IN A HANGER IN SINGAPORE SELETAR AIRPORT WITH A RED NOTICE PASTED ON IT'S DOOR FOR THE [...]

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SarawakReport : 1MDB the stealing goes on and on and on and on….

How PetroSaudi's Tarek Obaid Nabbed $43 Million From 1MDB's Energy Langat Heist! 25 November 2016 Official photo Tarek Obaid Bank details released by the Singapore Court in the case of BSI banker Yak Yew Chee [...]

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Biar Zahid ka New York. Najib takut kena tangkap dan di malukan oleh media kat US!

Najib leaving the Time Warner Center in New York. Kak Rosmah in New York! steadyaku47 comment : There was a time, not too long ago, when the US was a favorite port of call for [...]

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Sarawak Report : PetroSaudi’s Tarek Obaid Is Under Investigation By The Swiss Authorities – 1MDB Officials Named!

14 Aug 2016 Tarek Obaid – money of dubious origin Sarawak Report has obtained documentary evidence which contradicts the longstanding denials by the oil firm PetroSaudi, who have claimed that neither the firm nor its [...]

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Sarawak Report : 1MDB…When first we set out to deceive….

Investigators Conclude 1MDB "Cheated" And "Made False Document" to Bank Negara, Deutsche Bank And Others EXCLUSIVE 29 April 2015 CEO Arul Kanda has been named in investigation documents as having sent false bank statements on [...]

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In Malaysia when you want to make the mega bucks no one tops the lists of “who you want know” more than this odious, comtemptable, money grabbing couple – the prime minister Najib Razak and his self styled FLOM (Fat Lady of Malaysia) Rosmah Mansor!

steadyaku47 comment : Businessmen, Bankers, Con Men, Swindlers, Scammers, Used Car Salesmen, Carpet Sellers, Politicians and men of these ilks are very much aware that in Malaysia, when it comes to making insanely huge amounts [...]

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