Police monitoring steadyaku47 blog for causing public uneasiness

Minderjeet Kaur  | December 14, 2017  The IGP says so far no police report on the article has been lodged. PETALING JAYA: The police are monitoring a blog named steadyaku47 after it posted an article [...]

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What shall we do, what should we do, what will we do with this Tweet of an IGP after the next election?

Two images jump into my mind every time I see "IGP and PDRM" in the same sentence : Benny Hill and that man holding on to a picture of someone who looks like him.... That [...]

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Ajaib Tapi Benar…Jamban Boleh Bercakap! Only in Bolehland!

steadyaku47 comment: Camna ni? Si Jamban sudah bergaduh dengan that ass licking boot licker of a PIG (Police Inspector General) aka BABI aka Bakul....nampak nya dedak sudah kena cukai sebelum sampai kepada si Jamban dan [...]

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“irony” : A very religious Muslim man, from a very religiouis Islamic political party had to go to America (not a very Islamic country) to get medical treatment.

Less than two weeks ago that Tweet of an IGP announced that three people have been arrested for insulting Islam after Haron's Din death.  One of them is ex-journalist,  Sidek Kamiso.   Sidek was arrested [...]

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Rogue Elements within PDRM.

PDRM is tasked with keeping us safe and protecting us from harm. Those of you who read what I write knows that my late Father served under Tun Haniff as Director CID. I have written [...]

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Quickies : Malaysia’s Finest! (NOT!)

Capo di tutti capi aka head and shoulders above everyone else in Cabinet, in government, in Seri Perdana...above any one in Putrajaya (Prime Minister included!) aka the Flying Hippo.  No photos suitable for public viewing [...]

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Khalid Abu Bakar : The Twit Strikes Again! This time declaring a man insane before the court can decide if it is so!

I was going to tweet this to that Twit of an IGP but Twitter's 140-character limit made it impossible because this needs more characters than that...so gotta to use steadyaku47 blog space lah.  First can [...]

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