Police monitoring steadyaku47 blog for causing public uneasiness

Minderjeet Kaur  | December 14, 2017  The IGP says so far no police report on the article has been lodged. PETALING JAYA: The police are monitoring a blog named steadyaku47 after it posted an article [...]

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cakap cakap : HH : Too many lifetimes lived in one! Such is life!

As I looked at myself in that picture of me with Joe (a mate from MCKK days) I can really see that my hair is now all white! It was taken on a Sunday...after we [...]

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Again I write…

This is my blog. I do with it, as I like. Do not try to second-guess me…you will never be able to get into my head. Never ever. Sometimes I do things in a systematic [...]

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