Sarawak Report : More Questions Over Goldman’s Former Asia Boss

24 April 2016 Goldman Sachs hire by far the cleverest people around, they have us know.  And the thoroughness of their work and due diligence procedures are likewise unmatched. Which is why the more one [...]

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In Malaysia when you want to make the mega bucks no one tops the lists of “who you want know” more than this odious, comtemptable, money grabbing couple – the prime minister Najib Razak and his self styled FLOM (Fat Lady of Malaysia) Rosmah Mansor!

steadyaku47 comment : Businessmen, Bankers, Con Men, Swindlers, Scammers, Used Car Salesmen, Carpet Sellers, Politicians and men of these ilks are very much aware that in Malaysia, when it comes to making insanely huge amounts [...]

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