Pesan DSAI di mahkamah tadi..mahu kita ‘move forward’.

There are many things you can say about boxing champions. Tyson's fury was frightening to witness. George Forman was a hulking giant who destroyed opponents  with an ease that defies logic. Joe Frazier...he was the [...]

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Saudara Fauzi Rahman : Hello Mr Smart Man! How many mouths can you zip?

Fauzi Abdulrahman Hello Mr Smart Man! How many mouths can you zip? When you dismantle PAC in a diplomatic way, how many of the PAC members and the staff that knew what it was all [...]

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Saudara Fauzi Abdul Rahman…budak kolet, kawan dan juga YB Indera Mahkota : When Malaysia is Wrong!

Closing chapter of saudara Fauzi's  maiden speech in Parliament....listen to what he says about all of us coming together to put right what is wrong with our country.......a timely reminder to all of us. Lawan [...]

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