PAS to win 40 of the 80 seats they are contesting at the next PRU? General Hadi dah nyanyok ka?

FAKTA ATAU AUTA? Berikut adalah fakta tentang pencapaian Pas dalam sejarah pilihanraya Malaysia sejak 1959 sehingga 2013. Pilihanraya 1959 (13 kerusi) - bersendirian. Pilihanraya 1964 (9 kerusi) -   bersendirian. Pilihanraya 1969 (12 kerusi) - [...]

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When something goes wrong in your life, deal with it. Ditto with Umno and Najib!

I knew, from way back before the Doctors at Sunshine had diagnosed the Dementia that was to take over my wife's and my life, I knew that all was not well with her. It was [...]

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Kuala Kangsar…..Ajaib tapi Benar….Amanah mengatasi PAS.

Teuku Zacharyah Iskandar Amanah Parti baru - 8 Bulan PAS Parti Lama - 60 tahun Amanah kalah perkara biasa Amanah mengatasi PAS suatu keajaiban PAS kalah pada Amanah suatu KEMALUAN

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The next general election is for Pakatan Rakyat to lose

steadyaku47 comment: Sometime in June 2009, with the assist of Zach, my son I became familair with the wonders of the Internet. While surfing the Net, I chance upon a clip of Lim Kit Siang [...]

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