A very huge portion of that money was used to shield the Malays / bumiputras from competition. Look at the list again – all that money was either a grant of a monopoly project, overpriced projects, cheating or outright theft. It was purely a ‘dishing out free money’ exercise.

*VERY GOOD ARTICLE* Good to read a few times to get them sink into our heads on how we are so bad today.  Maybe worst off later if nothing is change this GE14.  Pass to [...]

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Pak Arshad : Let not the Armed Forces Veterans “be angered by the foolishness of greed and self serving interest by those in power today”.

Mohd Arshad Raji Raji I was with a group of Armed Forces veterans yesterday, and unavoidably our discussion is centered around the well being of the nation today. Of course, when one discusses 'issues of [...]

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Sabah Water Department : Again najib did not disappoint!

The director and deputy director of the Sabah Water Department, and nineteen district engineers has been arrested in October last year for ALLEGED corruption. RM52 million in cash was seized from the home of the director [...]

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DBKL in Focus : There is Law but no Order

Jalan Haji Hussien in particular.....it appears that enforcement in DBKL is for the privilege and personal benefit of the chosen few who carry on business at the expense of the general public. Already congested public [...]

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Kau ingat generasi aku bodoh tidak tahu bahawa kau dan Pairin perlu bertanggungjawab kerana melantik Pengarah dan Timbalan Pengarah Jabatan Air Negeri Sabah ini setiap tahun untuk “urus” duit air ini?

AIR TIADA UNTUK RAKYAT SABAH & DUIT PROJEK AIR DIROMPAK:  SIAPA ADA KUASA BUAT SEMUA INI? . Musa Aman,  Kau fikir aku sebagai anak muda Sabah tidak baca bajet tahunan yang kau bentang setiap tahun? [...]

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