China in Malaysia.

Inilh layanan yg diberi kpd Pegawai Keselamatan dn Kebajikan Pekerja di Kuantan yg di buat olih pegawai China Kominis semasa lawatan pemeriksaan yg ditugaskn kpd nya. Apa akn jadi apabila mereka dh bertapak kukuh disini? Even [...]

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CHINA moves into Maldives over USD2 billion debts!

Yesterday Guyana. Tomorrow. Maldives. Next Malaysia? Dangerous moves to control a country... Maldives faces Chinese 'land grab' over unpayable debts, ex-leader warns- Nikkei Asian Review COLOMBO, Sri Lanka -- Massive debts threaten to force the [...]

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Dahulu: Balik Tong San Kini: Bagi Tong San!

Syabas diucapkan pada kerajaan yg memerintah! 1. *MALACCA GATEWAY* - China 2. *JOHOR ISKANDAR DEV* -China 3. *FOREST CITY* -China  4. *CAREY ISLAND*-China  5. *EAST COST RAIL LINK*-China  6. *BANDAR MALAYSIA*-China 7. *HIGH SPEED RAIL [...]

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Negara sudah dijajah oleh China melalui ekonomi.

Kenyataan Perkasa. Majlis Pecah Tanah ECRL hari ini di Kuantan telah membuktikan negara sudah dijajah melalui ekonomi. Perkasa sangat kecewa identiti negara hilang dalam majlis tersebut. Kelihatan bendera sepanjang jalan dalam bahasa Mandarin. Satu bendera [...]

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Well, go by Ah Long (usually chinese) standard, first you will be verbally threatened, then you will be harrassed (knock at your house, visit your office), next they throw paint on your door, write O$P$ on the walls, next locked your gate and burned the door. If all else fails, whacked you until you vomit blood, push your pregnant wife down the staircase, even rape your daughter and sell them to prostitution. Hmmm…what you think the Chinese will do if Malaysia cannot pay huh?

What will China do when...not if but when....we are unable to pay them back the RM55 billion loan extended to this najib led bn government to build the ECRL? Here are some thoughts / comments from [...]

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