cakap cakap…

Howard Chew tells me...."Namewee surrendered himself at Bukit Aman earlier and is now remanded in custody". Rappers and Bloogers...WTF.... really PDRM...these are the people who are a threat to our national security? Our police busy [...]

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cakap cakap…The Answer My Friend Is Blowing in The Wind…

Good Morning Friends....when was the last time you asked yourself if life for you is good? Not if you have a nice house to live in. Not if the car you drive is big enough, [...]

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REPRISE : Eight years ago…cakap cakap…a taste of the truth.

First posted Saturday, 26 September 2009 Cakap cakap ....a taste of truth. If we were to be asked “Who amongst you have been supporters of UMNO?”. Let me be the first to put my hand [...]

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