This land is my land..this land is your land….

Humble yourselves, says PM 2011/10/17 By Patrick Sennyah [email protected] ‘No guarantee we can rule forever, it’s a whole new landscape’ SEREMBAN: Barisan Nasional leaders need to humble themselves and realise that they are in power [...]

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We all watch fascinated at the goings on amongst the political elites of our country. Make no bones about it I am talking about the political elites – first tier politicians who pride themselves to [...]

From my heart….at 5.36am Wednesday 14th September 2011

I have a dream…..a dream that should really become a reality if good is to triumph over evil. I want to see those arrogant UMNO and BN politicians taken from their homes in handcuff and [...]

Wait and Hope

Eighteen years ago in 1993 the Sultans started their journey towards oblivion though I do not think that the then Sultan of Johore and Pahang or their brother Rulers saw it as such. It was eighteen [...]

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