steadyaku47 comment : This nation is moving towards Armageddon...in the truest sense of the word. Once this Idiot and BN is through with our Nation there will be nothing left of any consequence. I pray there are enough individuals [...]

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PAS : dok pi dok mai dok tang tu jugak….camna ni?

Calon PAS mungkin tak lawan calon UMNO pada PRU14 May 16, 2017 Berita Utama #2, Utama 0 KOTA BHARU, 19 Syaaban 1438H, Selasa – PAS mungkin mencapai “kata sepakat” dengan UMNO untuk tidak melawan satu sama lain di kerusi [...]

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The LAW against PUBLIC OPINION : Who Wins?

 . Scandal-hit Malaysian PM Najib Razak says conscience is 'absolutely clear' Najib “I have maintained all along: that no crime was committed.....This issue has been an unnecessary distraction for the country. Now that the matter [...]

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cakap cakap….a Government of Deceit!

Early Thursday morning. My mind is numb and wants to hibernate from the tidal onslaught of negativity coming from within bolehland that constantly challenges my ability and capacity to endure anymore of the drivel, vengeful [...]

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