An Eye for an Eye….a Tooth for a Tooth

Watch and Learn....keep those stones hidden in your hand eye for an eye....this is the only language they understand...if PDRM does not step in to defend you...defend yourself....use those stones hidden in your hand! [...]

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Reprise : Penyamaran Polis dalam BERSIH 3.0, bukti Polis provokasi rusuhan

steadyaku47 comment : I just came across these images and article today. Interesting reading and something we should all know about how PDRM conduct themselves...not against terrorists but against our own brothers and sisters in [...]

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This letter appeared in Malaysiakini today. I thought I would publish it because what was said in the letter reflects the sentiments of most Malaysians. It in fact dovetails with what I have been saying [...]

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Malaysia to probe protest police brutality claims AFPJuly 11, 2011, 8:58 pm AFP © Enlarge photo KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - Malaysia will investigate claims of police brutality following the death of a demonstrator in a [...]

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