Bank Negara paying for 1MDB debts.

The real story about the Bank Negara’s 56 acres, RM2bil, land purchase from the government.  It was definitely meant to go towards payment of 1MDB debt. BNM was instructed to make payment directly ,into a [...]

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‘Najib spoke to Bank Negara governor, got permission to bring in RM2.6b’

With Thanks to malaysiakini: 140 21 May 2016, PM 5:35 Updated 21 May 2016, PM 6:21   Department of Special Affairs (Jasa) director-general Mohd Puad Zarkashi has revealed the contents of a meeting between Umno [...]

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Bank Negara Orders 1MDB to Repatriate Money

AFP News 28 April 2016 Malaysia's central bank on Thursday ordered troubled state-owned investment firm 1MDB to repatriate money that was sent overseas without approval, putting further strain on the scandal-plagued company just days after [...]

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Now if Zeti decides to make a stand against the abuse of office by Najib…she has knowledge of and evidence of what has been done…documents, records and paper trials that can tell us and the world what Najib has really done and how 1MDB has been complicit in all these criminal activities. And more important, Zeti has credibility. The question now is simply this : Will Zeti do it?

steadyaku47 comment :  PDRM, MACC the AG and any other damm government authority  can clear Najib and 1MDB of any wrong doing.  Umno can declare their undivided support for Najib to remain as President of [...]

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