Melayu Bangsat? I am a Malay before Umno, before Altantuya, before IMDB, before that RM2.6billion donation. Do not think that Najib or Umno will have anything to do with making me or any other Malay anything else but a Malay …and certainly not a Bangsat!

History is littered with the corpse of those who mistakenly thought that political power obtained legally or by deception, conferred upon them divine rights to abuse the trust placed upon them by the people over [...]

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Siapa Melayu Bangsat?

Najib Razak says the Malays will become "bangsat" if UMNO loses power. Najib says he picked "bangsat" because there was no better word. "I choose this word....because no other word can better depict the lot [...]

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