1.Masa depan dan percaturan politik Azmin dan Selangor banyak diperkatakan akhir2 ini. 2.Sebagai anak jati Selangor dan pernah terlbat aktif didalam politik negeri ini tentunya saya mengikuti perkembangan mutakhir ini secara dekat. 3.Saya tiada kepentingan [...]

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cakap cakap Monday morning. Azmin Ali is good for PH. Azmin Ali is right for PH and Azmin Ali is needed within PH

It would seems that Azmin Ali can do no right! Every day in many ways some one NOT from the Barisan Nasional enclave is doing the job for them. Someone from Pakatan Harapan ? Some one [...]

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Azmin Ali

I have never met Azmin Ali. Never know him in any capacity...and about the only time I was close to having a talk with him was when Anwar told me to get in touch with [...]

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Kenapa MP BN hodoh sangat? Dah lah hodoh…perangai macam berok on heat. MB Selangor cool aja

Kassim S.A. says: You asked why are BN MPs so ugly that they resemble very closely retarded apes on heat. I have good news for you. You and the other 25 million Malaysians are not [...]

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Azmin Ali : Press Release : Prime Minister can no longer hide behind a wall of silence and must instead address the nation on this matter.

PRESS RELEASE 21 JULY 2016 In view of the latest announcement by the United States Department of Justice concerning the 1MDB scandal, the Prime Minister must once and for all come clean on the matter [...]

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cakap cakap : PKR. DIVIDE AND RULE. Anwar divide. Anwar rule.

Just past 8.05 AM on a cold Winter morning in Melbourne. Cross my heart and hope to die...but I am not felling you no fibs when I tell you that all I have on me [...]

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Crisis in PKR : PKR has a president in Wan Azizah who is dominant, uncompromising, selfish, vengeful, stubborn and ambitious. No one, in the history of Malaysian politics, have stayed as loyal as Azmin Ali have been to Anwar Ibrahim. None! Something has to give!

To quote my cousin, Mohammad Karim from Kuala Pilah......"Nothing will change if the opposition keep kicking themselves to death. There is no rallying messiah to garner a working coalition." Agreed on all counts!  We know [...]

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Lim Kit Siang has disappointed many!

Let me remind the opposition (whoever they may now be!) why they were able to get the popular mandate from the voters of Malaysia  and garner 51% of the votes in the last general election.  [...]

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Azmin Ali – “Selamat memegang kuasa”

Ini bukan satu usul demokrasi yang ada dalam PKR. Sebarang usul corak dan cara demokrasi dalam PKR adalah ilusi semata-mata. Demokrasi dalam PKR adalah demokrasi yang terbantut dengan campur tangan kepimpinan keliling Anwar Ibrahim. Hairan, [...]

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