Quickies : Azizah on kemelut MB di Kedah.

steadyaku47 comment : Can somebody tell Azizah to shush! Give Umno enough rope and they will hang themselves......eventually. You diam aja lah!  Give a good reason for replacing Mukhriz, says Wan Azizah Opposition leaders in [...]

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Berita Daily : Today Azmin is leader of PKR in everything but name. He has not been tainted by the Selangor MB debacle. He, not Azizah, has the numbers in PKR to get what he wants done.

Berita Daily Comment 08/10/2015 08:22 AM Is there a revolt brewing within PKR? What deal will be struck to have Anwar as the PM designate should the opposition somehow manage to win a general election? [...]

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ANWAR, AZIZAH & NURUL: A house divided?

   We have all watched Azizah from afar with much admiration and respect for what she had stoically endure through the trials and tribulations that Anwar went through. What she has done for Anwar, for [...]

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