One of Malaysia’s highest ranking police officers has been stripped of more than $320,000 by the Australian Federal Police, which suspected his Sydney bank account held laundered money or proceeds of crime.

Malaysian top cop has $320k seized by AFP, doesn't want it back One of Malaysia’s highest ranking police officers has been stripped of more than $320,000 by the Australian Federal Police. SMH.COM.AU

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In Australia I am one of the “not many”.

As of 6th February 2017...that's a couple of weeks back...the population of Australia is 24,353,000 - and that includes Permanent Residents of which I am one.  New figures from the Bureau of Statistics estimate the [...]

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Stay there Mate – we don’t want you in Malaysia! Reprise.

First posted Tuesday, 19 October 2010 There are currently seven people in my extended family. My wife, son, daughter, son-in-law, two grand daughters and of course, myself. We have all chosen not to live in [...]

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cakap cakap…Rosmah Mansor…cerita lama masa kat Australia.

steadyaku47 comment : Ini semua cerita lama but interesting to read if you want to get an idea of what Rosmah gets up to when she is overseas and how much she spends....a bit long [...]

Sirul Wants to Stay in Australia.

Sirul is one of the victims of this insidious Malay dominated political entity we know as Umno. I have thought long and hard about the next thing I should write about this man and it [...]

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Give me the racism that exists in Australia for I know I can deal with it…I am powerless against the racism that exists in Malaysia.

If there Racism in Australia? Of course there are! There are racist anywhere you go in this world. Even Sweden and Switzerland. Muslims are being killed in Burma. In the USA racial profiling is still [...]

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Malaysia A: larger smaller reset Email Print Fighting for Malaysian votes… in Australia By K.C. Boey September 19, 2011 MELBOURNE, Sept 19 — A new battleground has been staked out by Malaysian politicians from both [...]

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Malaysia refugee deal facing High Court test

By Peter Lloyd and staff Updated 3 hours 45 minutes ago The woman and her son (pictured) arrived by boat on Christmas Island on May 16. (Lateline) Video: Refugee family case taken to High Court [...]

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