Why Tommy Thomas, AG Designate, should NOT be AG.

  MLC: Malaysia is not an Islamic State, says Tommy Thomas Friday, 18 November 2005 11:00PM KUALA LUMPUR, Fri: Lawyer Tommy Thomas today told a packed hall at the Malaysian Law Conference that history shows [...]

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The ex AG, the ex MACC boss and a Tan Sri : Making money the Malaysian way !!!

I have often wondered about the back bone of this former Attorney General, Abdul Gani Patail. I expect a man of his position and responsibility to act, at all times, without fear and favour. This [...]

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cakap cakap : 1MDB is the personal vehicle of Najib Razak used to plunder our nation’s wealth for the personal gain in the billions of ringgits for himself, his family and his cohorts.

6.12 AM. Melbourne. Now is our Winter of Discontent!  If you are a Malay you are faced with the prospect of what to do with an arrogant, rampaging self serving Umno that is, at this [...]

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I want to ask you Tan Sri : Are you a corrupt Attorney General?

We know there is corruption in Malaysia.  We know there is corruption in the Prime Minister's Office, in the various ministries, in the government departments, in the Angkatan Tentera, in the Police, in the municipalities......at [...]

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Malaysia : NFA. Other parts of the World : Tangkap!

steadyaku47 : This is what is happening to the corrupt daughter-in-law of the Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet. All over the civilized world corruption is not tolerated of politicians and any public official. Yet in Bolehland [...]

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Asia Sentinel: A Corrupt BN Government seeks to cover up Murder.

Opinion: The Lies of Malaysia’s Attorney General Posted on January 22, 2016 By John Berthelsen Headline, Malaysia, Opinion   Without Fear or Favor he say! When a Malaysian deputy prosecutor named Kevin Morais disappeared on [...]

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AG Gani Patail Loses Appeal VS Dato Ramli Yusuff

with thanks to : Din Merican BREAKING NEWS: AG Gani Patail Loses Appeal VS Dato Ramli Yusuff by Din Merican June 20, 2011 Yesterday, I posted an article about the despicable conduct of MACC officers [...]

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