Selamat Pagi Malaysia…power and privilege!

  In Malaysia, those of privilege and power have got there because those who are much  maligned, marginalised and discriminated against have put them there. And having got there, those of privilege and power promptly [...]

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cakap cakap….semasa.       I tried...but I have not been able to write anything that I would want to post on this blog for the past one week!!! I get this writer's block once [...]

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Hussein Abdul Hamid shared a link. Just now ·  STEADYAKU47.COM ME at 12.20 pm Saturday : 27th May 2018 Thinking of home…thinking of Bangsar…thinking of life as I remember it when my parents were still with me…my dear [...]

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cakap cakap…Friday.

Selamat Pagi Malaysia...OUR Malayisa !!! Friday is always a good day for me. The weekend beckons and somehow, from decades of being conditioned that weekends are good, my whole being is calmed and beguiled into [...]

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Hi...just want to share with you the joys and angst...mostly angst...of learning how to develop (successfully !!!) a web page. That is what I am doing now with with the assist of Malcom (a [...]

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I try to live within my means. I have all that I need to keep body and soul together... but there are still a few things I want in my life. We miss our grand children [...]

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