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Cina vs Melayu.

When Lee San Choon, the fourth President of MCA, resigned as President of MCA despite his "political break through" in the  Seremban victory in the April 1982 general elections  against the DAP, was there any [...]

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  Kenape perlu hormat dia? Ini bukan pasal hormat menghormati.... Dia pecat orang sesuka hati tanpa kira bulan puasa..dia pecat kesemua orang yang tegur dia termasuk menteri..hakim..peguam..sprm dan polis. Dia gantikan dengan orang yang menyokong [...]

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Lest You Forget : Some have greatness thrust upon them, some seek greatness and some earned greatness. Shafee had to go looking in Saiful’s anus in the hope that he will find greatness there. Brother you will find a number of unsavory things there but greatness will not be one of them! Ptui!

Lest we forget...these are but just two of the many many despicable human beings who have profited from the rise and rise of Umno to the realms of "dedaksphere"....at the expense of our nation, our [...]

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