Yesterday social media went ga ga over Najib’s son having a good time in Taiwan.

My first thought was simply this…that must have happened some time back! It must have happened before GE14. It must have happened before his father was arrested! Common sense tells me that he has to be in Taiwan to be doing that and were we not told that many of Najib’s family have been denied permission to leave the country?

Anyway…those “common sense” things that struck me, did not stop that story and the accompanying video from going viral. I had over twenty messages from you all sending me the video and news about what this guy was doing in Taiwan….but none of those stories confirmed the date when the “good time” was had by Najib’s son.

Some of the stories said that it was non-halal wine that he was drinking and that what he did with that Taiwanese girl was also “non-halal”….conjectures and speculation…no facts to substantiate these insinuations…but who cares? Not many of you did care judging from the number of postings done of the “incidents”. 

What did I think of it all? I do not even know his name and I do not care to know his name. If he did do what he did in Taiwan after Najib was arrested…then he has some explaining to do to his family….but money and sex will explain everything. Money he has and with money he can do what he wants…and as for sex….nudge nudge…wink wink! 

Let us consign these kind of stories to where it should be consign…to the rubbish bin. Let his mother deal with him if he really did do all that after Najib was arrested. And if need be, let Umno and the religious authorities deal with the rest of the story. End of story.