BN Senate Speaker is another 1MDB Thief and BN Thug, is next to be arrested by MACC and PDRM. Let’s make this viral untill reaches our beloved Prime Minister👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

No. 1, Jalan P8H Precinct 8, 
Putrajaya 62250 Malaysia

May 9th 2018 was a momentous day for all Malaysians as the rule of law and transparency was returned to its rightful place in our beloved nation. Since then the rectifying of the mother of all scandals that is bleeding Malaysia alive has began.

The esteemed and reverential people put in charge of this mammoth responsibility have a lot of work in front of them. This special task force and investigative committee have all the talents and commitment to pursue this debacle till justice is served to those who robbed Malaysia of her wealth to satisfy their greed.

Though the main players have been identified yet there are shadowy characters that are equally guilty who need to be identified,shamed and brought to book for their behind the scenes role of this plundering orgy. Tan Sri Vikneswaran Sanasee is one such perpetrator. He played a big role in trying to illegitimately cover up this 1MDB fiasco using money and position as carrots. Though he now sits on the prestigious Senate President seat yet he comes from a background of thuggery and is devoid of any moral compass except self enrichment through any means possible.

KUALA LUMPUR, 26 April — Senator Datuk S Vigneswaran mengangkat sumpah sebagai Yang Dipertua Dewan Negara ke 17 di Parlimen.

His specific role in this scandal dates back to early 2016 around mid March when he arranged a meeting between himself, SRC international Directer Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil and then head of the National Revenue Recovery Enforcement Team of the Attorney General’s Chamber Datuk Dzulkifli Ahmad in an exclusive hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia.Vikneswaran had arranged this meeting with a dual purpose. One was to intimidate and cajole Nik Faisal to support the PM in the scandal and also assure him that if he did so his safety would be protected since Datuk Dzulkifli would be made the next MACC commissioner very soon. His deal with Datuk Dzulkifli was also mirroring this, if Datuk Dzulkifli could help ensure the loyalty of Nik Faisal as the directer of SRC then he would be made MACC Commissioner as a reward. The plan worked beautifully and Nik Faisal pledged loyalty to the PM and Vikneswaran lobbied with the powers to be to make Datuk Dzulkifli MACC head. This duly happened on the 29th of July 2016. Vikneswaran’s reward for this feat was the Presidency of the Senate which he assumed on the 26th of April 2016. Both of them were also awarded Tan Sri’s for their valuable contribution to corruption

Vikneswaran’s other imprint on the 1MDB Scandal was by being a conduit to buy the silence of Yeo Jiawei a wealth planner of BSI Bank in Singapore. He has been imprisoned for 30 months for his role in the scandal. In 2015 Vikneswaran used a Singaporean businessman named Sudhir to get to Yeo and Datuk Azeez ex chairman of Tabung Haji brought RM 15 million to Singapore to pay Mr.Yeo so he kept silent on the corruption and defended the Malaysian regime on the transactions. However even here Vikneswaran played a number and only paid RM 10 million while siphoning off RM 5 million for himself. This caused a friction among him and Datuk Azeez the MP for Baling currently.

In short esteemed ladies and gentleman I’d like to urge nay beg all of you to please investigate my claims. The speaker of the senate shouldn’t be a corrupted thug and crook but someone society looks up to. Also all these people who abetted and conspired to steal the wealth of a nation should be punished as an example to all others after this. I challenge Vikneswaran to say I’m lying and to sue me in a court of law if he dares. Vikneswaran’s brother is a well know underworld Don of the secret society 24 from Klang and I’m putting my life on the line to ensure that justice is done. I implore all of you to please investigate this fiend and let the public know no criminal involved in this hideous case of betrayal of the trust of the people will escape the long arm of the law.

For Country and King
K. Thanabalan Singam