Let’s say my name is Najib Razak….and let’s say I am being charged for some crime.

I need lots of cash now to pay for my bail and lawyers fees, but all my money in my bank accounts have been frozen.

But I’m smart enough to have hidden millions all over the place to avoid detection. Let’s say I need to take out RM1 mil to pay for my bail and lawyer fees but I need to wash the money first to make them clean legal tender.

I would call up my trusted lieutenants and tell them to start a #Free Najib Razak Fund, to help me pay for my legal expenses. I would give them RM1 mil and they would start growing the fund from several thousands of ringgit and then quickly snowball to over the RM1 mil mark. Whatever money that they have received from the public for this fund, we will share among ourselves.

I know I still have many supporters because some 4.24 mil Malaysians voted for me in GE14, hence I expect many of them are willing to show their support for me by donating towards the #Free Najib Razak Fund.

I have told them to hand over to me my RM1 mil plus my share of the ‘extra money’ made from the fund and make it a big fanfare so that every Malaysian knows.

I will be killing two birds with a stone, unlocking and legitimatizing my RM1 mil of illicit money, and let my enemies know that I still have a lot of supporters.

This is called “Money Laundering”, and I have been doing this so often.

steadyaku47 comment : I call it thieving!