When Lee San Choon, the fourth President of MCA, resigned as President of MCA despite his “political break through” in the  Seremban victory in the April 1982 general elections  against the DAP, was there any loud protest from the MCA rank and file? Was a fund started to persuade him to stay on as MCA’s president?

When Tan Koon Swan, the fifth president of MCA, was charged in 1986 with abetting criminal breach of trust relating to the collapse of Pan-El and sentenced to two years imprisonment by the Singapore High Court, did any one in MCA protested or set up a fund to pay for his defence in the Singapore High Court?

When Lee Liong Sik, the sixth president of MCA  was charged in July 2010 for cheating in relation to the Port Kelang Free Zone scandal, did the MCA or its members established a fund for his defence?

When Chuah Soi Lek resigned as vice president of MCA in January 2008 after two sex DVD featuring himself was released into the public domain and he was eventually expelled from the party in August 2009 by the MCA Disciplinary Committee for that sex scandal….did anybody in MCA protested or raised any funds for his defence to keep him in MCA?

No lah!!! These Cina can think and work out for themselves what their political leaders are up to!

That is the difference between the Cina and  the Melayu when it comes to MCA and Umno. The Cina in MCA know that their leaders have made enough money from the spoils of their political life  …enough to be able to defend themselves and take care of themselves.

But the Melayu in Umno have eyes but they cannot see! They cannot see how much money Najib has. They cannot see the lorry load of “gifts” and cash carted away by PDRM from Najib’s houses! Even Najib’s son is out having fun with his Taiwanese girlfriend while his father is facing the fight of his life! It is only the idiots in Umno who protest and set up a fund to pay for Najib;s defence!

When will these Melayu learn? Aisehman…look around you and try to make some sense of what is happening …ask yourself this…if there are millions of “gifts” already seized by PDRM from Najib’s premises…how much more cash are being kept hidden in bank accounts parked abroad, how many more “loot” are being kept in their houses abroad…in Dubai, in Thailand and elsewhere? How many hundreds of million are stashed away in Kazakstan?

Cina vs Melayu? Huh…no contest lah! Say what you like about the Chinese in MCA…there know what is happening around them and they know what their leaders are up to, in and out of politics. What can you say about the Melayu in Umno? Bodoh bangan! Bodoh sombong….bodoh, bodoh….bodoh!!!