This morning I woke up to see the above petition to remove the AG, Tommy Thomas, on the Net….and another post reminding us who Najib’s Lawyer Shafee was once :

We are also told these “facts” about others who are, in one way or the other, involved in Najib’s trial: 

“However, it is to be made known, at this juncture, that Justice Sofian was born in Kuala Lipis, which is also the birthplace of Najib. Justice Sofian has a younger brother in Mohd Sofi Abd Razak who just happens to be ADUN for Benta (N5) in Pahang, representing UMNO / BN, in which Najib was the former supreme head. When asked & mentioned to him, TT was not aware that Justice Sofian has a brother in Mohd Sofi, the UMNO State Executive Councillor of Pahang, also being the State from which Najib hails. Little wonder that Shafie got his ways in the trial, and Justice Sofian was exceptionally lenient and sympathetic to Najib. To this effect, few retired Judges feel that Justice Sofian should be credible and recuse himself. While Justice Sofian was playing his part, Shafie is known for bribing judges to win his cases right up to Federal Court. Chief Justice of Malaya (CJM) is Justice Ahmad Maarof, who, as one of his many responsibilities, basically decides which judge is assigned to hear any particular case. CJM is a Federal Court Judge who shuffles or arranges the sitting of judges and can discipline judges as to whether each one is discharging one’s duties satisfactorily. Justice Maarof’s wife is a teacher who is active in Girl Guide Movement and is very close to Rosmah, Najib’s wife. So, one can now see the connections of each of the personalities involved in this trial as to establish whether it is fair”. 

What are we to make of all this? Has the trial processed been compromised even before it starts? Has Najib, through the gag order, already gained an absolute advantage over proceedings?

Is the judge, Yang Arif Datuk Suffian bin Tan Sri Abdul Razak, a fair judge even though his father was one of Umno’s strongmen a long time ago and even though his appointment was controversial because he stepped over many other people as he was one of ex-CJ Tun Fairuz blue eye boy?

Why did they not assign one of the Court of Appeal Judges to hear the case?

For sure, depending from where you are coming from, much can be made of these things. I do not think that much should be made of the AG’s inability to speak Bahasa well. I remember many years ago when I wrote to Lim Kit Siang to tell him to polish his Bahasa because I thought then that he need to speak good Bahasa to be heard in Parliament and taken seriously by Malaysians. Look what Kit Siang did in GE14! Without him it would have been that bit more difficult to rid ourselves of BN. We want the AG to be able to do his job well, the language part can be managed.

As for Shafee, he might be a right bastard in many things, but do not make too much of his ethnicity because it insults others who are also of that ethnic roots. Surely we have left that part of our culture behind us after GE14!

The court process is an open one and we will be able to see for ourselves if those participating in the process will do what is best for the people that they are representing and working for. If they do not….we will know what to do…don’t we? And I am sure, Najib supporters too will know what they will have to do. Such are the times we are now living in…each of us can have our say and we expect what we say to be heard and heeded by the authorities. Enough said.