This morning I was thinking about Tun Mahathir….about what he has done to people who have given him reasons to go after them personally to make them understand that he was not a man to be trifled with. There must have been many whose name now escapes me but there are three names that will not : Anwar, Pak Lah and now Najib Razak. I am sure in hindsight, all three of them must have rued the day when they thought that they could go head to head with the old man…all three of them, over time, had reasons to regret their decisions. 

Now there is another person that may soon have reason to regret his decision to trifle with Tun Dr Mahathir. Well two person actually but Tun can deal with both of them at the same time….Mr Sultan down South and Mr King. The TMJ down South does not count. I and many others can deal with the TMJ…all he needs is a good spanking and a cookie and he will go away!

Mr Sultan down South and Mr King have very publicly made their feelings about Tun Dr Mahathir known to all of us. At the time that they did so… before Tun was made Prime Minister….those two thought that they held all the good cards in their card game with Mahathir, in their hands. Time has shown that that is not so. Today these two can only wait to see what will come their way once Tun has the time to once again consider what he will do to not only these two, but to the other seven of their brother Rulers scattered around this nation of ours. 

Tun left the choice of picking the government to rule Malaysia during GE14, to all of us. We made the right decisions and we did not let Tun down.

May I respectfully suggest Tun, that you again leave the decision as to whether this Mr Sultan down South and Mr King, should still be on our payroll. We can do this  via a referendum. In that referendum we will have to decide whether we want to keep paying those vast sums of money to keep those good for nothing Royals living the life of ease and plenty that they have grown accustomed to or do we want OUR money to be spent on building houses for the poor, feeding those most in need among us and taking care of the needy, the ill and the aged in this nation of ours.

You must trust us to make the right decision Tun and we will, in turn, trust you to carry out what we decide in that referendum.

Enough said.