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Is there hope for these UMNO Malays? No I am not just asking…I really want to know. Or has Umno totally consigned too many Melayu Umno to be lembus for their own ends?

What does it take to make these Melayu understand what it is that Najib Razak has done? What will it take to make them realise that the millions found in Najib’s possessions were NOT meant for Umno but for Najib and his family. Are the millions that Najib Razak has already lavished on his family not enough to make them see reason? The money spent buying luxury apartments in various parts of the world, the millions of OUR money “invested” in Hollywood’s “Wolf of Wall Street,” the millions spent on Najib’s daughter’s wedding…and the hundreds of millions spent on handbags, jewellery and on the kereta kereta mewah found parked in and around Kuala Lumpur! Are all these millions spent not enough for them to question where Najib and his family got their money from? Maybe these Melayu do not care from where the money come from just as long as they are promised or given a “fair” share of the dedak floating around PWTC. 

Or are these Melayu all idiots, imbeciles, buffons and baboons, albeit of the female variety, who do not comprehend what is happening around them?

Do they actually believe that most of the loot taken from Najib’s premises are “gifts”. Jesus Christ…even Forrest Gump would have been able to work out for himself that something is wrong somewhere…but not these Melayus! They have eyes but they cannot see. Ears but they prefer not to hear. And their grey matter up in their cranium must have been put on idle. Even that Kipidup guy aka Rani Kulup, has got some brains if this posting on his FB is to believed!


I think the time to make these female  idiots and baboons see the error of their ways must be now! We can start by banning all of them from making babies! Surely we do not want their DNA to be passed on to to other Melayu’s ! There are other things I want to suggest but I do not want to incur Siti Kassim’s ire, less she thinks me to be a sexist pig! So I will hush my mouth!!!