Yesterday they came and got the bastard!

What is the best thing they can say about him now? “Dato’ Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak is a Malaysian politician who served as the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia from 2009 to 2018”. Everything else they will have to say about him from now on will go downhill….well to be more exact, it has been going downhill for quite sometime, but historians will date his descend into ignominy from the time he ceased to be prime minister of Malaysia. Last night was the first of many more nights to come when the former FLOM slept by herself and he by himself….she in the comfort of her boudoir, he in the cold dank isolation of a remand cell. If anything can put Najib in the right frame of mind, then the first night in remand will! The morning after will start his first day as the guest of His Majesty The King – the same King whom Najib once had at his beck and call. The same King, who in happier times, was happy to do Najib’s bidding to divest Tun Dr Mahathir of his State Honours. They will now each wait their fate. Najib in remand and the King in the vast new Palace he now calls home. Najib now knows that Sungai Buloh not Langgak Golf will be home for many years to come….for the King….time will tell.

Some say that yesterday was a great day for Malaysia! Some say that Justice is finally being served ….but remember this. The heartaches, worry and sadness that Najib’s family feels for his incarceration is real. The state of Najib’s mind this morning must be of concern to all those who knows him. However much we want him to understand that he is to be punished for his abuse of the high office he once held, we must also bear in mind that we are also our brothers keeper. Let this Pakatan Harapan government go about the business of doing what needs to be done to bring any criminals to justice, but do so with grace and a sense of fairness. For me, Najib tragedy was that more was expected of him then he himself could deliver. The lesson to be learned from Najib is simply this…we must be more circumspect of those who seek to lead us.

We are told that 408 bank accounts have been frozen in connection with the 1MDB probe, involving 81 individuals and 55 companies. Amazing. I think the question the authorities must address is to find out how is it possible for the 1MDB scam to have happened? How is it possible that so many Malaysians have willingly, eagerly and greedily allowed themselves to be part of this massive vast scams perpetrated upon our nation and upon all Malaysians? Where is their sense of right and wrong. How is it possible that so many Malaysians were prepared to allowed themselves to be used and abused by others just so that they too can have a share of the dedak from the proceeds of the 1MDB scam. Is money the end all and be all that drives Malaysians to do the things they do. The results of the recent Umno elections tells us that the “dedak” culture is alive and well there. What about the Malaysian population at large? Can another Najib in Putrajaya do the same things again? Will another politician like Najib buy his way into power and then proceed to wreck upon our country the same abuse that Najib did? It will take many generations for Malaysians to develop the Malaysian society we aspire to and this must start now. Does Pakatan Harapan have the political will to make it happen? These are questions still to be answered. We have yet to see this Pakatan Harapan government put in place the beginnings of that Malaysian society. I hope they do not wait too long.

We too have to change. Yesterday I told a friend that I was trying hard to find new directions in the change after GE14. This was what she had to say :

NS: A new direction would be to start writing about your take on religion. Sensitive issue, but it needs addressing. Modern Malaysia needs help to combat Saudi influence”.

HH : “Needs more courage then I have to write on that…”
NS : The comparison of living in a kafir world and the state Muslim countries are in”.
HH : “I did that about two years back…not worth the hassle I got from KL and Australia…reaction bordering on hate”.

Yes…even for me there are areas I will not allow myself to stray into… I too would have to change. Change is hard to do when you are settled comfortably into the you that you have been for many decades. For the past decade, if not more, I have always blog about what moves me and so far I have been true to myself. I now find that after GE14, if I am to be relevant to the changing times in Malaysia, I need to write about issues that matters to others more than it matters to me….and after being away from KL for more than a decade, that is hard to do. I will allow myself some time and space to find that direction.