First posted on Wednesday, 31 August 2016…Lest you forget, a reminder!

Before 1MDB, before that RM2.6 billion donation, before the murder of Hussain Najadi, before Kevin Morais, before the dismissal of Gani Patail, Muhyiddin and anyone else that could finger Najib Razak for pillaging and plundering the wealth of our nation for his personal gain…before all this, there was Altantuya.
Razak Baginda, SirulAzhar Umar, Azilah Hadri, Balasubramaniam, Deepak, C4, Musa Safri and a host of other players and circumstance – that all together, went on to make this murder one that will not be forgotten for many years to come. As murders and scandals go, this one has everything. People in high places, politics, a red Ferrari, money, greed, sex, murder …even a Submarine. Hollywood would find it hard to come up with a script like this. 
This was the beginnings of  a “new normal” for all things Malaysia…for Altantuya changes everything.
It’s a concocted tale of violence and murder, death, betrayal, greed, deceit, cover ups, illicit sex across many continents, corruption, cronyism, abuse of executive power and the peoples’ trust, massive abuse of public money, compromising our national security, shenanigans at the Immigration department, gutter politics, miscarriage of justice, covert operations by Unit Tindakan Khas (UTK) on behalf of the rich and powerful, theft of explosives from the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), blackmail and the exposure of the lives of the rich, powerful and politically connected and not dismissing the likelihood of further escalation of diplomatic ‘tension’ involving Mongolia and France….and still counting!
Today murders for political and financial gain is as common as Kak Rosmah’s changing  handbags, and I hope underwear too! Today the courts are able to dispense Justice in a manner that would make you ask yourself if they were second guessing the wishes of Najib Razak. PDRM and the AG’s office are complicit in covering up or guiding the conclusion of these murders to run along the same path as the wheels of Justice are inclined to tread in order to please the prime minister….and all this is part of the “new normal” that exists in Malaysia today.

Why is it so?

One word : GREED.

How many lives has Najib and Rosmah wrecked? 

How many fathers and mothers and sons and daughters have had their world irreversibly turned upside down? How many loves ones have been separated from each other? How many people have lost their ability to earn a decent income to feed their family? How many have had their father, mother, son or daughter taken away from them? 
Anwar Ibrahim his wife and children, Alatantuya, Altantuya’s Father and her children, Mahyuddin Yassin, Hussain Najadi, Kevin Morais, Balasubramaniun, Sirul Azahr Umar, Azilah Hadri, Teoh Beng Hock, Aminurasyid, Kugan and more, many more.
But Najib and Rosmah started their life together by first wrecking the family that they had before they met each other. Is that not a fitting way for these two despicable people to start their life together? And since then, their ability to wreck havoc and heartaches every where they go is legendary. Now that they are in Seri Perdana what evil they have done and are still doing, is simply breathtaking in its breath,scope and depth.
Can any of you imagine having RM2.6 billion in your personal bank account? Put that money into anybody’s account and you can be sure that it will be a life changing event. Now put that into the account of Najib Razak and Rosmah what do you have?
For sure it gives them the means to do as they think fit and more worrying for us Malaysians is what all this is doing to our country! GREED is never satisfied with even RM2.6 billion in your bank account. Greed is never satisfied by any physical possessions you may have. Greed in the end even fails the greedy…and that we can see happening to Najib and Rosmah today.
In the last general election, the popular mandate was won from the people of Malaysia by Pakatan Rakyat. Granted that since then Pakatan Rakyat has been literally decimated and are now a shadow of what they once were, but let me remind you of this : Anwar Ibrahim, Kit Siang and Tok Guru managed to put together Pakatan Rakyat because that was what was needed to win the general election then.They did secure the popular mandate but government was denied to them on a technicality. 
Within the next year or so there will come into being another formidable opposition  – this time with the remnants of Pakatan Rakyat in union with what Mahathir is now putting togather – and all of them will be united with one purpose – to F#@K  Umno and the Barisan Nasional they now lead. Now if you are a thinking man/women, if you have any faith in the ability of Malaysian to do the right thing by themselves and if you believe that the time has come for real change – who would you vote for?
Of course only time will tell…..but look to your left and to your right. Look in front of you and behind you…look all around you…how many people do you have to ask, how many people do you have to engage in conversation to know that Malaysians have had enough of Najib and Rosmah? 
And do you really think that there will be a life for Najib and Rosmah to live in Seri Perdana or anywhere outside of Sungai Buloh after the next general election? For these two they know that it is either Seri Perdana or Sungai Buloh…..nothing in between. As things now stands….the liklehhood of them spending time in Sungai Buloh advances by the day….and so it should be, given the pain and suffering that they have caused to the people of Malaysia and to Malaysia!