You guys who read what I write must know that I am, at this moment in time, lost! Not lost in space, not lost in my own world…not even lost on the WWW….I am at a loss as to what I can do to make my life better!

Most selfish I know…but that is how I feel now. The only saving grace I have in wanting to make my life better is this…I want to make my life better through making this website better for you and for me. I know that bloggers like me are only as good as the last posting we made…so I am working in that…kicking off with some articles about what is wrong with The Royal Lake Club. I had been finding all sorts of excuses NOT to do this for sometime because I have to put in a hell of a lot of work in going through many documents, financial reports, e mails, minutes of meetings, letters, police reports etc etc to get to the crux of the problems within the Royal Lake Club…but I told myself that I had to do it if I am to be able to write about it first hand. So in the coming weeks be prepared to read some “interesting” articles about the Club.

Next I want to try and build a community among those of you who read what I write. I want to try and give you guys one more reason to stop by….and this is what I did this morning. I rang up my cousin in KL who told me a few months back that she was selling chicken rice from her house in Shah Alam to make some pocket money for her family. This is how our “conversation went : 

HH : Are you still doing the rice business? 

Iza : No abg hussein.. i masak rendang n9 and jual now

Long story short, I called her up and told her if I could start of my community page with some news about her rendang business in Shah Alam with details of how you guys can get in touch with her should you want to get some of her rendang! That way I help her get some customers (hopefully!) and I have a story.

If you who are doing small business…. selling food, clothes, knick knacks, gifts…even offering a service…. and would like us to highlight what you do in our COMMUNITY SPOT, send us your details for our consideration…. no charge, gratis, free, percuma….hopefully you will get others to know what you do and get some business to come your way. We are in the process of developing this COMMUNITY SPOT page. It will be ready for use next week. Meanwhile, please forward any inquiries you have on this to my email …. [email protected]