Over the years the Royal Lake Club had encountered  a number of accounting “problems”. Accounts were not in order, club records were poor, neccessary documents were not available making the audit of its accounts problematic. There was money unaccounted for in past records when the account had well passed audit exercises.  There was one instance when RM700K was unaccounted for and the money was described as missing, lost or even stolen. 

Tender exercises were abused or ignored.

Individuals in management abused their position to leak documents to others for their vested interests.

Individuals holding positions within the the Royal lake Club abused their positions for financial gains. 

And for whatever reasons, Senior Management within the Club chosed to close one eye and at times even shut the other. These abuses can only happen when there is collusion and complicity between certain individuals within the Club management. How many and at what level within the echelons of the Club Management these individuals sits, is for others to discover. Suffice to say that with what information and documents to be revealed here, there will be reason enough for others to doubt if, in this most respectable and grand of Kuala Lumpur’s Institution, there is sufficient commitment and courage within the most senior of the Royal Lake Club Management, to do what is right for its members and what is expected of them all in the light of Malaysia’s entry into the post Najib Razak era where transparency and accountability is expected of those who are in any position of responsibility anywhere!

To be Continued: