Let the present lot of Royals be the beginning of the end of these Sultans…all of them! We have to start somewhere! And we need to propose a reasonable time frame for this “royal” thing to end. So let the present Sultans now on their respective thrones, be the last to be succeeded by their eldest born…and after that, no more….no more Sultans. And how long will it take before we are rid of these parasites? Maybe five to six decades in some states…maybe more in others…but be rest assured that the end starts the minute this Pakatan Harapan says “YES!”.

What say you?

I cannot think of one earthy reason why this cannot be done with now! We the rakyat have just done away with a corrupt dedak infested government. Why not we the rakyat now have a referendum to decide on what to do next with the other thing that is as useless as how Umno and BN has been to us? Yes, by that I mean the Royals. 

  1. a general vote by the electorate on a single political question which has been referred to them for a direct decision.
    synonyms: public vote, plebiscitepopular voteballotpoll

    “he called for a referendum on the death penalty”

There will be many of you who will give a hundred and one reasons to keep these Sultans on OUR payroll at OUR expense….and for every one of those hundred reasons to keep the Sultans on our payroll at our expense, I can find another few hundreds NOT to keep them on. Anything these Royals say they can do for us, we can do ourselves. Throw out a corrupt government? They did not do that for us…we did that ourselves. Protect, preserve and promote Islam? Which Sultan is doing that? Tell me which Sultan is a good Muslim, which Sultan is a respected Muslim? Protect the Malays? Huh….when did any Sultan menjaga maruah Melayu? Kita Melayu yang kena menjaga maruah Sultan dengan mengadakan undang undang yang melarang Rakyat menbincang kelemahan Raja Raja. All these Royal failings are a matter of public record.  

If these Sultans can find a way to justify their existence let us hear them out. If they can return in kind what we give them in renumeration …..again let us hear them out. As it is that Mr Sultan down South is already donating all his renumeration to charity…so why does he still want to be Sultan? Not for the money of course….really? Then for what? For sure it is for the perks, the privileges and the “business opportunities” that being a Sultan brings his way. I say that if you want to do business the Umno way then that time is past. The sooner we deal with the remnants of those times, the sooner we will build for our selves a nation where meritocracy rules all things Malaysians….and for sure these Royals are the remnants of the past that needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later! Enough said.