Selamat Pagi Malaysia : 9.14 am on a Tuesday morning…3rd July 2018.

It is not over yet!

GE14 is over. Tun Dr Mahathir is Prime Minister. His Cabinet is in place. All over our nation the new awakening of an era of change that we had envisaged for our future, has begun. We are all primed for the good times that we know has to come after many dark years of gloom and doom under an Umno gone rogue! An Umno lost in its own filth, its own excesses …its own waste, its own vomit. We are told that the rule of law shall now prevail. Meritocracy shall be the order of the day. You and me…the rakyat, can now go on with our life. Leave the business of government…good, responsible, accountable and courageous government, in the laps of those we have elected to office…those who are now in Pakatan Harapan. And all will be well.

Steady as she goes, in Putrajaya!

Out there in the states where the little Napoleons aka Menteri Besar’s, rule their fiefdom quite removed from the urgency that prevails as Pakatan Harapan tries to deliver what it has promised to win government, the Menteri Besars and their Sultans enters into post GE14 unsure of each others place in state government. Who will eventually win out is a game of musical chairs and vested interests….whose vested interest you ask? That will depend on whom you are asking. The MB will say Putrajaya’s…the Sultan will say, my subjects! But if truth is to be told, damm Putrajaya and damm the Rakyat. I will tell you now that while the twain may never meet politically, the scratch my back and I scratch yours mentality prevails dulu, kini and for now, it seems, selama lamanya. 

And that is why I say…it is not over yet!

Those of you who are in business know that it is not over yet. Umno’s DNA is embedded way to deep within too many politicians to make things any different from the time they did business pre GE14. Dedak is still the order of the day. Money talks. Money argues to strengthen your interests. Money gets things done. Money money money…it’s a rich man’s world. And those without money, loses out. 

Those of you who have dealings with the government….ditto. 

For sure Tun Dr Mahathir, Guan Eng and Mat Sabu may want to do things differently. For sure there are some in the cabinet also that way inclined…but already deals are being made, their machais are taking in requests and orders for their boss to do this and to do that for their own financial gains. Their family and friends are already broadcasting their intent to go into “business” and do a bit of “insider trading” for financial gain….all in the name of “doing what is needed to advance the agenda of the Pakatan Harapan government, Malaysians, the Malays or even Islam. Whatever suit their purpose to enable them to make a quick ringgit anyway they can…they will use.

And that is why I say it is not over yet. 

You and I are seeing this happen everyday as we adjust to the changes coming our way. It is good that we have a new AG. The Judiciary is being dusted up and the process of change has started there. It is good that PDRM is out catching the thieves…or trying to! We have yet to see MACC rein in the big fish. Yet to see Tabung Haji and the other abused Statutory authorities turned upside down and all the dedak infested parasites and worms arrested, dismissed or locked up where the sun will no longer shine for them. Yes, Najib and Rosmah are being investigated. Yes Jamal Jamban is on his way home……but I want to see more.

I want to see the fear of God put into the minds of those who have more money than they can account for…no matter who they are! I want those who are now in public office, those who are the gatekeepers to those in power and positions…I want them to understand that a jail term awaits any of them if even a whiff of abuse and misuse of their considerable powers come to our attention. And we know that there already is that abuse!  So please Tun…have these fledging wannabe dedakians dismissed or better still, arrested! And yes Tun, they exists, even as we speak, within the Prime Ministers Office.   

And that is why I say it is not over yet for you and me. We need to continue the good fight we fought pre GE14. You do yours and I will do mine. I start this week with the Royal Lake Club. It is not over yet!