Dulu, Kini dan Selama lama nya…UMNO is greed. UMNO is deceit. UMNO is dishonour. Nothing has changed.

Yes, some of you may think that electing Jamal Jamban, the gangster,  as ketua bahagian Sg Besar in absentia is a joke…but I can tell you that it is not a joke. Umno is deadly serious. Almost all the incumbents have been reelected and the mother of all incumbents, Zahid Hamidi, will be the Mother Hen who will oversee Umno in the coming years. The irony of installing a monkey to take charge of a Banana plantation is something these idiots in Umno is unable to comprehend….and more sad, the joke they have played is upon themselves…none of them realises that the freezing of Umno Bank Accounts will cut of the supply of dedak, period!

And why have Umno lost in GE14?…..Did not Najib tell them they have lost because of Pakatan Harapan false promises? And what of Kelantan and Trengganu? Here again they have lost after spending so much money on PAS because these towel heads pon pandai menipu. The reality of their loss has yet to sink in….and so they continue to dream of the good old days! Huh! Let them dream… and may they never wake up from that dream….ever!!!